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This is the flyer we have sent out to our parents, we had an interesting meeting, I am not sure they are on board with the single school idea, if you can come or send a letter that would be great.

Our consultation with the Board on Feb 7 was enlightening…

We have our work cut out for us…

We need to keep telling them what we want…

HOW:  Keep writing letters! The Board staff says they only have 7 letters so they don’t think we really care where we go, we need to let them know we care!

WHY:  Staff say they will come to our next consultation meeting and talk about how much money they will put into Grant if we stay another year, all the options for co locating will put students in portables, they say there is no place else to go, so let’s tell them!!!!

When: We meet again February 23 at 7pm

Where: Woodroffe High School in the cafeteria

Babysitting: Bring an activity bag for your children and we will have someone to watch them, RSVP by Feb 22 to Robin West

Surveys: 91% of Grant parents want to fix Grant, 40% say go to St.Thomas  as a second choice. We are still receiving surveys so send in yours and make your voice count!

SPEND Valentines Day with the ones you love: the Grant Parent Council !!!!

We can talk about the special Valentine message we want to send the Board on the future of Grant.  Tuesday Feb 14, 6:30- 8:30, ask about babysitting

Robin West, Council Co-chair, 721-6207, eq800 @  (remove the spaces around the '@')

Shelley Rivier, Council Co-chair, 828-7081, srivier @

 Shelley Rivier

Good News - Oct 14, 2005

At 10:40PM, Oct 13 2005, the Business Committee unanimously approved the motion to review Grant's status and to make recommendations in order to allow changes for the school year 2006/2007. It needs to be passed by the whole Board now and that will quite possibly be on Oct 24. I will let you all know when that date is. Margaret Lange was very supportive and gave an impassioned speech on why Grant facility needs to addressed. Please pass this along to those who may be interested in the outcome. Thank you to those who came out tonight, it was greatly appreciated. 

It is always nice to know that Grant lives on in the people who have moved on.

Music Fest June 8, 2004 PDF HTML

Graduation 2002

Puppet Making and Mural Painting March 2002

Winter carnival 2002

Look at us from the air (top right) courtesy of the City of Ottawa atlas

Haloween was the usual BLAST!

Check out the pictures from the 2001 BBQ.  What a great day.  The rains stopped and Sun was out.

Look at the garden page for the latest improvements including some new benches, one with shoes.

Here are some pictures of our school yard during a pavement painting party when we refreshed the village and life sized blue whale. 

Here is a picture of the front of the school..   We have a lovely garden in the side yard where you can enjoy the scent from our roses and watch the butterflies in the large perennial garden and a new garden around the flag pole at the front where students have planted tulip bulbs as part of the remembrance day ceremony. 

Some recent activities at the school include a puppet show and our annual winter carnival.

Also visit the "official" website at the Ottawa Carleton District School Board where you can read the questions and answers that the students have asked "IO", the science mail box. (May 2010) Of course, the official website is long gone but Ask Io still lives here

If you're connecting via your FreeNet account, you can join in our newsgroup discussions from the classic FreeNet menu or type "GO GRANT" from a telnet session.

The threat to close Grant last year kept many parents and friends busy fighting the bureaucracy instead of educating our kids.  Read all about it on the Grant SOS pages.

Where to find us. Or look at us from the air (top right) courtesy of the City of Ottawa atlas

This is where Grant is

Drop in at 2720 Richmond Road, Ottawa, Ontario

613-596-5581 (fax)


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