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NewsGrant Alternative School has survived

The vote was 9 to 2 to keep Grant open and took place at 1:05 A.M. 
Well Done Parents, Teachers and Friends of Grant. 

Well done Grant Parents, students, staff and friends

Blow by blow description of   Board Meetings Oct 23-25 via Joan Spice
Media articles & links re:school closures
Our Response to Board's Visual Report, with realistic costs
What can we do and what have we done? Now with Music!
  Presentations and minutes from Sept 26 & 28
Our current enrolment at Grant, with one portable, (another planned) is:
62 Kindergarten children
245 Grs 1 - 6 children

Other schools on the shortlist:

Our Friends at Mutchmor
Elgin Street Public School
Elmdale (good contact list)
Devonshire PS

Other sources of Closure Information:

"Closure 2000"  

Save Our School - Grant Alternative


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